Liker's collab on the forum


Everyone likes likes right so to be in you post stuff and like stuff, have fun


I don't understand...


Like people stuff and well like yours, yay


But what if you run out of likes..?


Um wait till u have them and tell people a :heart:, then you can like when you have them back


I don't exactly understand what this is about. What it sounds like is that you post stuff and like stuff, which I don't see relating to Hopscotch...


Ah, but here is the answer! He he hen ah here it is after this I will see what people react like when liked AND it will be fun AND I can make a data game on it


The thing is, lots of people say they will use data to keep something unrelated related, I think this is a bit of a cheeky move.


K, fine then want me to @ you and/or should I compare likes o one person on forum vs, hopscotch


Ya, I've done that before... :joy:


I don't really understand do you mean what @BestProjects does
Like peoples hopscotch projects?