Liked21's Official GT! ;) #LIKEWRITESTOOMUCH lool



Yea Regulars can do that xD


How did you know you stalker


Thats cuz its blocked and no one can say it


Lemme guess, Regulars can see pending messages lol


Theres been a flame war about stuff similar to that word


No not exactly only mods


Huh, I wish THT would add a Parental Controls to make people not have to deal with this. sigh


So true and I edited your topic name lol


Lol I don’t mind about that


Man, I’ve been getting lots of attention lately, my likes received are about to pass my likes given. :thinking:


Anyone know about my only featured project, Dodger 1.4?


I’ve seen you a lot on here during your first time on the forum. I saw that you joined in December but I haven’t really seen you on here until now. Welcome! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just made an account on this forums for the heck of it. I just started looking around and I have had a great experience so far. :slight_smile:


Cool! The forum is great, I agree!


Lol does anyone know the charactors that are blacked out and replaced with supreme logos? hehe


I just recently hit 200 likes received! Thank you everyone! :blush:


Ok. Imma go to sleep now. I was up until 2 am last night looking at the forums. XD

ok imma go byee



Hi! I think we kinda started off on a bad note. I just feel annoyed when people flag my posts for what I feel is for no reason (I know you have felt that way too).

I would like to get to know you a little better and get back on a positive note with you.

Some things about myself:

  • I love animating
  • I hate annoying people
  • I like talking.
  • I like coding
  • I have a pretty vivid imagination


It’s ok. I was just trying to make a point earlier on that other topic.


What are some of your interests?