Liked21's Official GT! ;) #LIKEWRITESTOOMUCH lool



Hi! My name is Liked21! I have been on Hopscotch for over 8 months now! I’m just starting out on the forums and I want to make some Topics to get used to it!

This is a chat room with only one rule, just don’t spam! (Well also keep the Topic clean and child-friendly.)

This is more of a short post. So im going to end it here. Use this Topic simply for chatting about Hopscotch, things outside of Hopscotch, maybe even your favorite tv show!



So is this your gt?


Hello… I’m bored… im in a topic and yeah


Yeah. I forgot to mention that in the Topic title, lol I forget things


So uhh, how’s everyone’s day? Mines been going good

(I’m trying to start up a conversation lol)


Mine was terrible

State testing



if you dont mind i changed the title


Hiyaa cool gt! I hope we become frens!!
So random question but where your username come from?


Oh, it’s alright… lol just ask me first I already changed it to “Chat Room (GT)


I honestly don’t know how I came up with it

I play this game called Geometry Dash and when I was making an acc for it I just threw a word followed by a meme Number in it lel


So yeah that’s my life story


Nice… geometry dash, good game that I’m terrible at


Yeah, I started playing it in late-2014. It was in like late 1.8


Yeah I remember that


Ughhhhh why does my posts keep on pending its annoying


I don’t even put any curse words in them (why)


Can i change the title and play with it xD


That’s happening to Me Too!


Did you put god


lol waddya mean? Like change the title around or something