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Like A Girl drawing Project

Continuing the discussion from Drawing on Paper compared to on an iPad (Shading, shaping, etc.):
im thinking about doing something with inspirational quotes for girls.. but i need ideas for the quotes and the main drawing and also to the side drawings. Like a poster.
warning when its all finished i will tag everyone that's a girl

ideas needed for this project im thinking about featuring 3 girls on hopscotch that represent likeagirl well
do you think i should be one of the 3? poll ends @ 10-15 votes

Okay the poll says yes so i guess im one of the girls

  • yes
  • no


people i think would fit in

  1. @orangescent1
  2. @LotsaPizza
  3. @friendship2468
  4. @Snoopy

Form for being in

What you want you drawing to look like:
drawing is a girl
you have to be a girl
inspirational quotes up to 3

People In

  1. @friendship2468
  2. @Snoopy
  3. @SnowGirl_Studios
  4. @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf
  5. @PercyJackson9
  6. @TallAOnForum
  7. @AvocadoDont
  8. @RubyWolf1
  9. @LotsaPizza
  10. @Fifithefunnyflower
  11. @DreamyLemon
  12. @orangescent1


To be a supporter just ask
  1. @Phase_Admin

Extra Info

is this a reliable source to get info? tell me in the comments
About #LikeAGirl

Why is Feminism a thing? (Hopscotch related)

Can I ppppllllleeeeaaaaassssseeeee help?!?!?!?


I like this. I got it from Google Images


i will add it :smiley:
@PercyJackson9 fill out the form in the main post


Potter Productions
A girl, breathing rainbow air she has purple hair and her eyes are closed.
I'm a girl.
She's a girl.
Nobody can hurt me if I try, I'm busy doing what I need to do: being me, and girls can do anything boys can do as long as they put their minds to it.


ok your in :smiley:


Am I already in, or do I have to fill out the form? Either way, I'm doing this! :grinning:


fill out the form just so i can do better on your charcater :smiley: and your in


Snoopy (:art:)
Drawing of a girl with medium black hair and glasses , on one half of the girl sporty, other half girly.

Use the quote i uploaded plz


ok :smiley:


A girl with light purple skin and has pink flowing hair while wearing a badge that says president
Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't be president.
I understand the equation, so why does he get to solve it.
We're both human and both need water to survive, so why treat us different?
BTW I'm a girl


A girl beating a boy at arm wrestling cause a lot of people think it's for Boy
I am a girl
They say we're weak I say we're strong, boys are strong but girls are stronger,


First name (if wanted):
What you want you drawing to look like:
Toffe skin
Black hair, curly
Black glasses
Olive eyes
Basket ball shorts and shirt the color is green and white number 20
drawing is a girl
you have to be a girl
inspirational quotes up to 3
I will post photo :smile:


okay you 3 are in!


Or for the scene you can have me wearing black leggings and a Blue shirt the problem
Q:18 is what percent of 90? A:%20
Then here's the answer


Okay im going to sketch all the characters let me know what you would like to be added/taken away when i post them


heres my qoute
(cant upload pics)


Can I support/help this? Even though I am not a girl, I want genders to be equal. I want to help with this.


of course!


Thank goodness and thank you so much! #likeagirl #lounge #random #help