Like ur Hopscotch games


I can help like ur project and vice versa


This isn't hopscotch related. Sorry!
Please recycle :slight_smile:


74 squared
2016 squared
13 Times 15


Maybe change it to a Hopscotch Maths problem, like tangent or Moduo?


You can do that on a calculator!


Do your own math, dude!


Exactly! Ikr!
Please don't ask MATHS questions on coding..
Again, please recycle this.


U can do any math on a computer so....


YOu guys need to learn how to stop being so grouchy toward others. This competition may land this person into a really good school later on and could help them with their life. If they need help, give it to them and don't give them the "Hopscotch related" pig stool.


Sorry if it offended them.


You know what guys, thanks 4 ur help
@Trendygirl u 2.
I will just recycle :recycle:️ this topic.
No offense taken :slight_smile:


Sorry again.

I really don't know if u were being sarcastic... u probably weren't :slight_smile:


I just came so I need to know more about hopscotch related topics.
Thanks for the info.
Umm..... it might seem weird but how do I recycle a topic?


Don't worry. I was asking the same question a couple days ago.
You simply edit the title and topic, into something hS related!


Ohh.... thanks. I get it


Can I just delete the topic?


KEep the topic the way it was and ignore everyone who is hating on it.


Thanks. I appreciate your help but it would be better if I deleted the whole topic but I guess I'll just leave it.


So people are telling other people to recycle this topic, but not the California Leaving the U.S. one? :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally think this topic is fine. If someone needs help with a math equation in Hopscotch, they could go here. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Never mind, sorry. :P