Like Donations! NOMINATIONS


I've liked every single project in my following tab since I joined xD
Let's estimate...


@MagmaPOP I just spam-liked you. It really did not take me long.


The first week I was really on fire, people really liked my idea
I say I liked about 2000+ projects per day
The second week, ehhh, same, but I liked less. Maybe 1000+ a day.
Then, 1000+, and at one period, 500 a day.
I'm pretty sure I liked 980 today, not sure
@MYD @OrangeScent1 @Gilbert189 @MagmaPOP try to beat that XD


All the spam likes everywhere XD

Seriously though...I'm just skimming the topic, but when did everyone start spam liking @MagmaPOP? :stuck_out_tongue:
(sorry for all da tags)


Since he got famous from the moving emojitechtures. That's when I noticed him at least (50+ weeks ago)


Stop spam liking my projects!

I want likes that I earned...


I liked all of your projects, and I think you earned every single one! :smile:


You earned all of them though....


You earned them from F4LO


I get the occasional spam :slightly_smiling:

JellyWaffle freaked out like at a 9 because she's also on trending


I get spam likes at least once every day. (If you consider "spam" 30+ liked projects in a period of 5 minutes.)

Unless you're @CreativeCoder. Then "spam" is 150+ liked projects in 1 minute. And that's a minimum. :joy:


(brings up @Gilbert189's Hopscotch profile)

I was going to let it slide but nope XD


Im all of them XD


@MagmaPOP you dont know how loud i just screamed. I heard the birds fly off the roof. The roof


That seemed really funny and I don't even know why.

"Which is you?"




@MagmaPOP, can you please like or follow Person15-o 's account. I know him in real life, though he doesn't use his hopscotch account anymore. I really want to surprise him.


I saw dat edit....


@Gilbert189 I totally just spam liked all of your projects. Check your activity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He followed you? very lucky... XD


No just liked some projects :D