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That was anticlimactic


Read the first post...


Weren't you an auto follow? I think that's why I followed in the first place! XD


Nope. You only follow the autos that were autos when you made your account, and you started a month before I did.
(Why does everyone think I was an autofollow?)


Really? I think they made you one months after so everyone started following you then... Because I remember looking through my "following" tab and then seeing you... But I didn't remember following you...


I nominate...
Raven 07's Star Wars Dodge Game Here!

  • Yes
  • No



@MagmaPOP Post 73 SPAM LIKES!!!


What? I already liked that project if that's what you mean... ;]


Who is this person?? :joy::joy::joy:


I nominate BellieBoo :cat:. She doesn't post original projects often, but she when she does they are super cool!


The one I nominated? The guy who created that is awesome :wink:


I'm... Technically not a member...(yet...) (Everyone else on the forum is asleep) but there's a couple of people I know IRL that would FREAK OUT if they got a like/follow from any of you guys :blush:


Who? Also I expect updates from you after the liking... XP


I'll do it. Just tell me who! :smile:


I've liked all your projects on several accounts @MagmaPOP ! XD
(Also if you followed me i would scream although i dont think you will :pensive:)


Thank you! Seriously, liking all my project ONCE is something... And you did it on several accounts! :wink: I don't want to follow you... sadly, but if you tell me what's your channel name I can check it out and maybe like something! There are 3 AwsomeWolfs in the search tab... So yeah. Or are you all of them?


I'm gonna spam like you lol
(Although I liked 88% of your projects already I think)


@MagmaPOP you have 600+ projects O_o


IKR! It took me forever. I've liked all of MP's recent ones, then I had to go really far down!


I didn't know that... O_o