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This! His game is amaaaaaazing

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@SmileyAlyssa does it at least work for you? It worked on @Huggingfluffybear second account...


@MagmaPOP I feel like I didn't earn your follow. You may unfollow me, if you wish! You don't have to keep following me. :D


I did... Honestly it's ok, but it goes a little slow... There is no need for a fat enemy if you can't kill enemies... There are too many clones in the bold texts (lag) and things are off-center (512)... Also I don't know if the game gets more difficult or not... But it should! Also the score flashes to something like 15.1 before it hits 16... Also custom colors wouldn't hurt... the music is ok, maybe a little dramatic... Try asking for help on the forum!


As you wish!


Just kill me slowly... :laughing:

The suspense though...


That is a weird request though...
And no, a quick ∂єαтн!


Well, I know for a fact you didn't genuinely do it because you liked my projects, so...

I mean, I was really happy when you followed me, but it's not the same feeling, if you know what I mean.

Also, you should check out @Intellection74 again!


They were better than most people I follow... But you said that I could...

Probably gonna follow you like tomorrow anyway...


Okay! Thanks! :D

Again, it's your choice. (Of course... :laughing:)


@MagmaPOP Thanks so much! I already fixed the clones thing (that helped a lot) and I was also working on making the characters speed up as the game progresses. I don't think I can fix the 15.1 thing. There's a glitch where it only increases the score by .1 instead of 1. So I had to increase the score by 1/10 so it wouldn't do that. But it progressively increases the score, creating that problem. I would fix the off-center thing, but I don't really care that much. Thanks again! :sweat_smile::wink:


So did it work? @Follow4LikesOfficial @Anonymous


@MagmaPOP Do you like this music? I tried to make an arpeggio with the notes but it didn't really work...


It's better... But still not very "sportsy" you know? And I think that's the sound you should be going for...


Yeah... I'm going to go research to see how I should make it sound.


No, it didn't :stuck_out_tongue:


I'll check later :stuck_out_tongue:
Suspense is killing me


I still can't believe you follow me thanks!


I think the ":stuck_out_tongue:" means you're joking...


I'm actually not tho