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Is anyone online right now? We can continue with this :grin:


@MagmaPOP continue the conversation here: remember the "leaving for a week" thing? :T XD


Oh that time you couldn't take "so original...:unamused:" And went on a multiple topic spree asking me to take it down?


1. It was only 2 topics XD
2. I only did it because some people were being mean, and I felt bad, even though I didn't want to hurt your feelings, so I took it down
3. I could take it, just didn't understand

Arghh chrome crashed 2 times when I tried to write this


Two are practically multiple so... Yeah



@PopTart0219, sorry for off topic but what is your avatar? I thought it was the tire guy at Costco smashed into 2 planks of wood


It is like a marshmallow man I think. :joy:


Stay Puft Marshallow Man in a s'more


Yeah, it's the marshmallow man in a s'more, but I like your interpretation better XD


Ohh XD
Sorry my imagination is weird
Ghostbusters vs myth busters rap battle is a must-watch


@Follow4LikesOfficial HIGH FIVE. NOW.
if you don't mind


Lol. This is hilariously funny!


Let's revive this topic


That would be good! I don't know what happened to it :confused:


Ok, so I'm in the giving mood again... So why not start this again?! XD

Already followed some people... Suggest more!





You all really deserve it! ;]




Wait... lol