Like Donations! NOMINATIONS


You can only nominate people in this topic! Nothing else, please! ;]

We will then go in order from top to bottom and vote... No multiple nominations at once...

If you want to join write your name in the topic, "Like Charity! IDEA"


Make a poll as well! After half an hour you are free to close the poll and others will like the project if the result is positive!


I nominate Burger!!! By IceSk8Awesomemess
Never mind this.
Shall we do it?

  • Yes
  • No.


#5 By Intellection

  • yes
  • no



I nominate pixel Hopscotch logos by Intellection 74

  • yes
  • no



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  • yes
  • no



@MagmaPOP won't let me delete


I'll tell you guys when it comes out :wink:

"Lion Pen Art!!!! :heart:" by JellyWaffle:fish_cake:

  • yes
  • no



Ok... But no messages other than polls, please delete! ;[ @PopTart0219

Because I really want it to work out :sweat_smile:... Now plz! @Follow4LikesOfficial

That's so flattering! You should charge your phone... XD @PopTart0219


Why so strict lol


Please, start "watching" this topic! ;]


I'm going to show you anyways because it's really funny and kind :slightly_smiling:


Lol it's like
MP: no don't show me
PT: nah I'm going to show you
MP: don't do it no
PT: I did it
MP: o


You might be getting another text soon... Started following her


She's gonna die soon. :laughing:


Is it JellyWaffle?


I don't know her she and my 11% phone will handle it xD


I died.


Follow her, follow her! XD