Like do not matter but trying your best does



This is work_kids_coding, and on hopscotch A happy kid :grinning:.
So let's say you made a project that was special to you, you publish it.
And wait... And wait.... And wait.... Finally you see a picture of your project in the activate bar you look to the left, and see they remixed. You looked at the project not a thing is changed. Then you go to featured and see his project there. What would you do?


I'd be mad that they didn't do anything, but I wouldn't just find them and kill them, what could one do?


@justanerd nope that is not what I would do. Do you want to know what I would Do?


Anybody else want to answer?


Here is what I would do be happy that he/she got to featured even though I did not get likes he/she did and I would like that project.


ha, if you really care that much just copyright them and recreate your project to sell, thats a little bit like what i did with my chickie quest series. people remixed it and i didnt care, if you veiw the project and even if you post something to them saying why would they do it your letting your followers know you care. your letting them know about this remix that isnt good and they should check it out to see how stupid it is. basically, by responding your ruining your chances of getting noticed. Plus, on average remixes make less likes and branches than the original. it shows who it was remixed by and that automaticly draws away players. If your still mad just dont care about publishing, hopscotch is a coding app after all and will remain that way forever, so if you have a problem with the communitty dont be apart of it.


@chickenlord1501 I like the community and I was just saying you should not get mad because that person did it but be happy they got likes even though you did not


oh ok, but the truth is, it is 70% more likely that your original project is more popular than the person who remixed it. You could also beleive in the stupid saying that people who copy you admire you. Just dont worry about it. If that persons remix is good people will be able to find the better original. keep making projects and keep coding, you will get recognition and more than the remixer.


You know. That has never happened to me I am just saying...


then why are you talking about it?


Well, in my opinion the RIGHT thing here is that you EFFORT is key. The number of likes, the number of remixes don't define who you are!

It's the amount of effort that defines who you are. The number of likes, remixes, plays, WHATEVER! It's just a NUMBER!!! So who cares?!?!?!? You made a really good project with cool mechanics and stuff, and you don't get many likes... Well, it's THERE! Probably you got TONS of "A Hopscotcher" people, iPhone users actually playing!!!

20% chance but, as long you got people appreciating your work...





Remember that!