Like Charity! IDEA



I've been in a giving mood lately so...
What if we start a like Charity?! What I mean is that we like a random project from newest as a group! If we get like 20 people from the forum to all like a project, the creator of that project will... I dunno, be happy?! Even better if its very known Hopscotchers that like them... This will also create attention for the project by being in for example my "favorites" tab!

We can decide on what projects to like here in this topic! But don't nominate yourself, that is practically begging... Write your name below if you'd like to... Like! ;] You don't have to like all of the projects chosen, but maybe some!

  • Yes, good idea!
  • No, bad idea...



This is a great idea! Can I join?


I want to join!! Awesome idea!!


Great idea! However, we should do it on projects that we actually like, because then it'll feel better to them. For example, we should like a cool game rather than chatting. :smile:


Is love to do this, MP! Great idea!


Ahem, rather than chatting. Grammar police.


As long as its something that took at least some effort...


We could like someone's first project, art (not very much), and projects that people put a lot of hard work into!!!




Ahem, periods at the ends of sentences. :wink:

(Was that too mean? :grimacing:)

When will we start?


Awesome idea! May I join?


I dunno... When there are enough people to make an impact


gัั”ฮฑั‚ ฮนโˆ‚ั”ฮฑ! I'd love to join!


What I'm interested to see is if they freak out about a specific person liking their project. (Most likely you! :laughing:)


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This sounds cool, May I join?


I did it! it's editable now


That's how awesome you are MP
Quote this is just so catchy great idea tho!


Oh oops! I just invited you to this topic! I didn't see that you just entered the topic.


This is a great idea! Acts of kindness are one of the best aspects that can spark joyousness. Can I join?