Like Calculator!


I made this little project
That calculates how many likes you will get on a project
It's not entirely accurate, granted: but I took popularity into a huge factor so it should be realistic enough




I would increase the maximum to 100 or 200, just to make it more realistic!


The project is great! I really like it!


I agree, it's a WIP for now, but I think it worked out as planned, the numbers are what need work


That's super cool! Can I make my own version, if I give credit?


ok, just make sure you have different questions :wink:


I'll have to have some, but I'll try!:wink:


How does effort do anything? I'm moderately known and I put effort into my projects with no lag, but I get 7 likes. That was in the night. I republished it with sound in the morning and got 4.


Even the most popular person can post a square that changes color but not get as many likes as they did before


Also you get more likes in the evening when many people are on :wink:


I agree...50 as a max seems kind of low...
What do you think it'll be when it's not a WIP? XD


I know, I'm working on another version :wink:


Not to me it isn't.
I put effort in a sort-of animation. It was bad, to say the least.


I got 50 likes on the it :smiley:


Great work! Unique, I would've never thought of that :3


I never thought of this idea, it's cool!


Thanks! The idea popped into my head randomly :stuck_out_tongue:


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1:00-8:00 in my opinion