Like-A-Ton! Read if you want to make peoples day! <3


Hero Dino introduces you to this annual....Like-A-Ton! This was highly inspired by the Marathons in real life!
Anyone can participate!

What is the main objective?

This was mainly created because I've seen many people were sad that they didn't recover any likes when they actually work hard on heir projects. I went to newest and say some like-worthy projects! That's mainly how I follow people! I saw their projects on newest,I liked it,I checked their profile Andy I liked it and I follow them! This was made for making people happy!

How to participate?

Just like a lot of projects in the newest tab or somewhere else! Remember to like a ton of them!

Who can you spam like?

Pretty much everyone! And in every tab! I highly recommend the newest tab..but spam liking Smishy so she can die XD JK with kindness anyone is also alright!
P.S: you can spam like on the forum or/and HS

Who will be participating?:

If you want to let the forumers that you are participating,edit yourself here!




:thumbsup: I'm in. :smiley:


Thicks :D



Sneaky sneaky I see you
And I see @kvj too you sneaky peeps


Gr8 idea but I can't edit ;--;
Me is still member ;n;




Can you add me? Beacasue I wanna join!!


Awesome! I'm joining this, it sounds great! :smile:


Can i join? I cant edit, im still a simple member!!! :frowning: ;0 D=


Can you make it wiki? Please so we can edit! Thanks!


verry sneaky @Hero_Dino. verrrrryyyy sneaky....


spam like me ;-;
so i can spam like you
Free follows too


Who Andy?


Who are you?


Who are you?


I asked you first. :joy:


who are YOU?!
or real?


Fine, I'm (quote)


Yes, I'm TheFakeBlah.