Lightningstrike is Taking drawing requests!



Hi! Lightningstrike here! I've decided to take drawing requests. They will be on hopscotch. Just reply what you want. I am most skilled in cats and other 4 legged mammals, and animals. I could draw a human, but I'm not great at it. That's it!
EDIT: I'm not amazingly amazing at drawing, so if yours is not how you wanted it, I'm very sorry. This is my first time doing this.
Go to my account (Lightningstrike:zap:️) for examples, and if you're too lazy, here are some examples


A purple dragon with pink spikes :D


A pug, with the tip of the tail blue. Can I use the drawing for my profile pic on the forum?


Sure! Just give credit!


Ok! Sure! One question: what expression?


Also, what color pug?




Brown with blue features


Ok here:

Yeah. I kinda messed up...
Anyway, I also published this, so it's on my profile in hopscotch