Libbs GT. + ShamBam's friends hangout place.+ Will be quitting soon



Hi. Welcome to my GT. :0.


please explain why beloved sham left the HF ;-;


People I should invite:
Woah sham had a lot of friends, :0.


Sham suffers from depression and small things set them off. Jackaboy got to her really bad. (She sent me a detailed text message about the forum)
She may be back soon. As for now, she referred to me as the filler for her friends.


Oh right, I undertstand. Please tell her that what Jackaboy said is all lies. She's a really special, unique and amazing person. We all miss her <3


Also she finally dyed her hair blue. Rebellion is freedom. I can ask her to pop on for a minute @pandablossom


Oh dats sad she deserves a playful Breeze to help her feel better


Hi @kayro! Ive heard nothing but good things about you! :D.
She said to tell you: don't leave your the coolest kayro I've ever met, your like a sibling to me, or a less annoying cousin. -cough cough Libby-


COOLS I'm ferns wif sham. She amazing tell her dat.


Sham is right next to me rn. We are hanging out in her room.
@kayro Ive ran out of replies. But she loves it! Bye!!


Coolio! I've always wanted to dye my hair. Have you ever dyed your hair?


Lel. Oh and I made a cat for Sham Let me find it


My hair was like dark brown then I dyed it rainbow. Then black. Then rainbow. And now frosted blue tips.


Frosted blue tips sounds really awesome! Do you have a HS account?


Awesome! :3 also I gtg soon, battery dying. ;^;

@pandablossom she still wants to do the collab with you. Make a draft and ask her more about it on the collab acc.


Yep. And then I was hacked. Bye bye lovely acc ;-;
@zachyswag read this. I am out of replies again.

@Artistic_cat Sure :D. Sham has said that you should be hopscotch president! (She gave me a run through of the forum)

Also @zachyswag the chances of her coming back are low. I'd say give her at least a month or two. If she comes back I would probably leave, I'm just her filler for the time being. I'm supposed to help and answer any questions you have about sham. She even made a list of things I need to do. :open_mouth:


quick before battery dies


Hello Libby!


She off her _____ di.ed


Oh Okay bad timing for me I guess XD