LGBTQ+ Titles? Get one here! [Finished!]



Some people asked me where this tag came from.

Anyone can ask for one!

If you're wondering why there's so much purple, just go to @LGBT.Coder's topic and learn :DThen kindly ask @Kiwicute2016 ONLY for this tag.
If you want to get rid of it then change it in your profile.
Hope this helped :D


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Hi, I'm here to belp

I'm not a regular but @Kiwicute2016 can u say that u support it


I'm 99% she does


Yup! I support it!


Can I have it????????


What do you want me to change your title to?


Can I please have one? Like yours!


Wait can I choose whatever??


Only for LGBT


Okay then

"I support LGBT+ rights!"


Thank you @Kiwicute2016!


@kiwicute2016 I may be a member but I really want the tag can I have it. L. Hh. Ugh silly iPad you're so glitchy after updates iPad 2!!!


What would you like?


Why is there a q


Can I have a title, I support LGBTQ+ rights!


Can mine be"I supported LBGT+ and I'm proud"


Q is part of it, it stands for queer or questioning.


If you can, then I want it to be "I support LGBTQ+ rights. Dumebledore is gay, so why can't they be?"


@Kiwicute2016, can you change mine to

I Support LBGTQ+


Thank you so much @Kiwicute2016!