LGBT.Support, The Hopscotch Community, and the Storm



"Don't be a wall, my darling. Don't be a log. Be the water in the storm."


So, recently @Sparkczy made an account on Hopscotch called LGBT.Support. She invited me to help run the account, and I accepted. If you want to check it out, feel free! But, that was not the main focus of this topic.

The Hopscotch Community

You see, with more changes in the Community, more disagreements are bound to happen. We're all witnesses of this on the forums. And let's be honest, we know it's not going to stop for a while, if ever. With the entrance of LGBT.Support, I fear that this will increase.
I'm not going to tell you to stay strong, build a wall of protection. You build strong walls in preparation for a storm. When you build that wall, and when you build it high enough and strong enough, you will not see the storm. The storm will not affect you. You may hear the lightning coming down and striking the trees, starting fires, but you will be safe. But when the storm passes, you will not see the flowers that have sprung up because of it. You will never see the good in a fire. You will never see the good in a storm. You will never learn, never change, never be free of that wall you built.
You may think that you should then be a log, or a boat, instead. You will simply float over the waves. The lightning may hit you, but you will not ignite, because the waves are surrounding you. You will switch between relying on the sea, and on the current coming from the walls. When the storm settles, you will still see those flowers. But you won't have helped them grow. You won't understand that it was the waves that made those flowers. Your mind will not have learned anything. You will not be trusted. Because, in any battle, you must always choose a side. Or so you think.
Do not be a log. Logs do not think. Logs cannot change. But never, never build a wall. Because you will never escape that wall. When the years have gone by, when you have grown older, the world will have changed. If you are a log, you will be confused and unsure. The logs will have floated over those waves from so long ago, those waves that changed the world. Because the logs thought the waves were the ones to blame. That they could just ignore the waves. The logs will become scared. But the ones who built walls? They are still in those walls. No where for them to go. They still hate the waves. But they can't see the beauty that the waves have brought to the world. What they were trying to bring all along. Because when they built that wall, they didn't build it between the waves. They built it between the future. If you can't be a wall, and you can't be a log, what will you be?
Be the water. Be the water that will change the world. One drop of water falls from the sky. More follow. Soon, the storm has started. Their passion sparks the lightning. But the walls are the ones who cause it. If you are a drop of water, you will flow, and mix with others, and from that you will learn. You will find friends, a family, role models, people who's stories are not so different than yours. The water is hated, and despised, but it knkws that what it's doing is right. When the storm is over, the water will have created a new world. A beautiful, new, colorful, shining world. And the water will be accepted. Water changes the world. There will be lightning. The water may be the start of the lightning, but the cause of the lightning is the walls.

The Storm

So, make your choice. Will you be a wall, closing yourself off from the beauty of the rest of the world, but safe from the water? Perhaps a log, using the water as protection, but never helping it, never supporting it? Or will you be the water, changing the world for the better.

"Because, my darling, if you don't change the world, who will?"


Everyone didn't leave hopscotch, I don't want to change that...


I'm probably neither.


That's really not the point here. Also, please don't derail my posts.


Sorry :sweat_smile:


Ignorance is bliss, but how long can that bliss last? You have amazing persuasion skills and writing skills, you've earned a follow and a shoutout


Thank you so much! I'm incredibly glad that you understand some of the meaning of the whole storm part. I get really overly metaphorical some times. It's an honor to be followed by you, and I'm very grateful for the shoutout.


It's amazing how that metaphor ties in so perfectly with this. If you don't become an author, I'll change my name (I probably wont, but still)


Very well said @LGBT.Coder. Ignorance is truly bliss. Your writing skills are beyond amazing.


Bae. Your posts. Are bae. It's beautifu. This is beautiful. This... You better write some books someday. That's just beautiful.


My point was sort of that ignorance is never really bliss. If you ignore the world around you, you'll never learn anything. Ah, the dangers of being way overly metaphorical. Thanks, 5th grade English teacher.


Docs!!,,,!,!,!,!, :0 or i will steal all the flower crowns


On it as we speak.


I'd rather be solid snake.


I skimmed :3

I think I should stay out of these topics. Because if I say one thing wrong, a war could happen :0


Wow that's an awesome speech! I think I'm the water, right??


What does that mean?


You are what you choose to be. Just be careful. Water logged logs, are not water.


Amazing! I love the metaphors, and you are truly an amazing writer! You have probably haloed so many hopscotchers by writing this, and I truly think the forum needed this topic. :clap::smile:


Do you mind if I make you a shoutout/add/logo thing?