Levels In Hopsotch



There are a lot of levels in Hopsotch but unfortunatley only new people check them out. I haven't paid much attention to them either but why? Because we think these levels are boring! We ignore them even when they are in the 5 tabs! Maybe we should make the levels tab more fun! How about we update the level tabs? Maybe hold contests to make new ones? The level tabs seem like junk to all the advanced and beginner Hopscotchers, we CAN change this! How about we hold a contest against ourselves? Huh? We can make a forum level account that we publish the levels we have completed! Also another reason we ingnore them is we don't want remixes or already made games in our published. This account will help you LEARN and it will save a lot of unneeded remixes in your account!! Maybe we can make the level tab into a new tab? I don't know! Since I don't have any abilites to change things in hopscotch but all of us together HAVE! We can put the OLD levels into use!! How about in the new update you can remake all the levels and make them more intresting and fun? @Liza? I don't blame the Hopscotch Team but I blame myself... We have been ignoring a tab so important for our stages in coding thinking we don't need help maybe we don't but help is easy when you ask for it! How have we been doing this!! We know there is a tab and we don't use it.. Maybe we can make a levels day where people try to complete all the levels? Ok guys what do you think?


I think that is a brilliant idea!

I personally rarely play levels because they all seem so easy, though I used to a year ago. More advanced levels would really help, especially with new consents coming out every so often, like AI and 2.5D etc...


Well put!!


Guys .. A sins and cos level !