Level up your Hopscotching skill with the Game Developer Workshops

Level up your Hopscotching skill with the Game Developer Workshops!

Happy Holidays!

Is “spending more time coding everyday” on your New Year’s Resolution list? Starting January 8, 2022, We are launching the Game Developer Workshop Level I. Ask your parents to sign you up as a perfect holiday gift! There is a Holiday Special discount ($150 off) available before December 31, 2021.

More About the Program

During this program, you will attend weekly workshop session with Tracey and I, where you will learn a set of coding rules (along with some math and science topics) to code a project from scratch.

This is different from the Seed Developer Program in that you will be in a structured curriculum that helps you build up your coding skills. This means that you will be working on the same type of project, but you can customize your game with your special rules.

The classes will be live on video calls so that we can help you with your coding questions in real-time. You will be able to communicate with the Hopscotch Team after class for any coding questions you may have. This is the perfect opportunity to make meaningful friendships and level up your coding skills.

This program is best suited for kids who are 9 - 12 years old or those who have coded in Hopscotch for less than half a year.

At the end of this workshop:

  • You will receive a certificate of completion from Hopscotch
  • You will get a chance to showcase your project in a private virtual ceremony where you can invite your friends and family
  • You will receive access to the “Request Seed” block upon completion of the workshop
  • You will be eligible to enroll in higher-level workshops in the future that help you to code better and earn seeds
  • You will be a better coder!

Note: This workshop will not teach using the seed block since it’s a level I workshop. All participants will receive access to the Seed block at the end of the program to take their coding to the next level.

There are three sessions available for enrollments:
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Session 1
Every Saturday at 12:00 PM EST
Starting Date: January 8, 2022

Session 2
Every Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST
Starting Date: January 11, 2022

Session 3
Every Thursday at 4:00 PM EST
Starting Date: January 13, 2022

The deadline for the Holiday Special Discount is December 31, 2021, so ask your parent to sign up today to claim this deal. The classes will be closed when the enrollment is full, so act quickly!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays!



This sound awesome
I might not participate but still excited
(I saw the banner)

Yuanyuan I have a suggestion
Maybe you could send this somehow to non forum users


I would apply, but I don’t have the cash


Oh my
This sounds good but I don’t think I can for the following reasons:

  1. Too expensive
  2. The time doesn’t match my time so… (I have to get up at 1am!)
  3. Don’t think I need it

this one destroys all other reasons lol


Do seed devs also have to pay this entry fee?


This sounds fun!
Unfortunately, the times conflict with my irl schedule, so I won’t be able to participate in this.

Maybe through a project or something?


@Noland Seed dev program is free
Though this fall one you had to have an active subscription (so you could use all the features)

I think hopscotch is trying to give the seed block to trained people so they can use it


Out of curiosity, when are the times that you would be available generally?


Yes, past seed devs would also need to pay for the workshop.


How many classes are there in a session?


I’m available most Fridays after 5:00 EST.


This is a weekly class that goes for five weeks in total. So in total, there will be 5 classes.

Your class time will be determined by which session you signed up for.




It’s a bit expensive ngl
Make it into Ringgits and it is over 1k

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