Let's Write Random Stories

Greetings, my frens!

I have an idea of writing very random stories about our OCs' everyday life. Who would like to join?

How this would work:
Firat, we introduce our OCs(their appearance, characteristics, likes and dislikes, etc). Then, we make a plan about the plot. Someone would make a wiki post for people to type in the story. Sounds cool?

Have fun! ;3

-Lucy (surname) "StarryDream"


First of all, edit all of your OCs in.

StarryDream's OCs

Cute Jeffie(Jeffrie)

Appearance: Loooong black hair that falls on her thighs. Usually tied in twin-tails with pink scrunchies. Choppy bangs to cover up her large forehead. Very green green eyes. Petite with curvy body type. Have an obsession of mint green clothing striped pink and owns a wardrobe of them. Matches her stripy shirts with either deep green jeans or light pink circle skirt and signature loose white socks with black ankle boots.

Personality: Jeffie is a bright child. Younger than Juliette but older than Julene. Though she acts a lot more immature than both of them. She is perky, optimistic, and of course - very cute, as her name suggests.

-Cute Jeffie loves green and pink. She even wears mint green striped pink sweaters in winter


Appearance: Straight golden hair with lighter blonde tips that she prefers to let loose. She has a long fringe to one side held by two bobby pins, two shorter fringes to the other side, and Sky blue eyes with a slight tint of green. Her outfit presents typical schoolgirl attire: white button-up, pleated plaid skirt, ribbon toe, long socks, and black shoes. Julene is a head taller than Jeffie and a head shorter than her sister, Juliette.

Personality: Julene is bubbly, optimistic, but sarcastic. She often acts “tsundere” towards her sister and friends. She is sometimes easily triggered or upset.

-Julene wears short-sleeved shirt, skirt to her knees, long black socks in summer. And long-sleeved shirt, miniskirt, opaque tights, and a cobalt blue blazer in winter.
-She sometimes tie up her hair, often with accessories like hair ribbons, barrettes, clips, etc.


Appearance: Ice-blonde hair in pixie cut and held back with two black bobby pins. Deep blue eyes. Wears a variety of outfits including t-shirts, jeans, plaids, denim jackets etc. Tall, and slender.

Explorer_'s OC


Apperance: Medium length blonde hair usually up in a ponytail, blue eyes, and usually wears purple glasses. Kacy loves wearing hoodies with black leggings and at least always wears sneakers. She is 11, in 5th grade.

Personality: Loves sports. Kacy is the class best at Ultimate Frisbee, she is in a school band playing the piano. She is always the underdog. Kacy is tough, yet still friendly and nice. She is in anvanced math, but her teacher doesn’t think that she’s capable enough to go to 6th grade math.

-Kacy is a huge sports player, tough, but nice.

Tree Frog's OC :00

Voire (nicknamed Bat Kid)

Appearance: Longish purple hair with bangs, fair skin tone, pure black eyes (there’s barely any whites) that look purple in some lighting. Short with a curvy body type, she’s also a bit chubby from an obsession with sweets. She also has fangs, bat ears, and huge white bat wings that allow her to fly. To put it simply, she’s definitely not human. She’s somewhere around 14-16 years old (I’m lazy with coming up with exact ages, so let’s just say she’s 15??)

Personality: She’s very easily angered, and can get very mad. You do not want to see her when hungry and angry. And she’s hyperactive. Very hyper. It’s half because that’s just her, and half because she’s always on a sugar high. She’s bright and bubbly on the outside, but she’s really depressed and confused on the inside. The only thing that makes her happy is being social… and music. She loves music almost as much as sugar. She’s a great guitar player, but sings like a donkey with a sore throat. Did I mention she’s obsessed with all things sweet? She eats way too much.

As a little kid, she thought that mosquitoes ate bats and not the other way around, so she would freak out when she saw a mosquito, being a bat-human fusion thing. Also, she has a hobby other than music- being annoying. She enjoys being exasperating immensely. She also loves using big words whenever she can. Yeah.

[details=Kawaiihotdog’s OCs :3]Summer:Twelve years old,golden wavy hair up to elbows,yellow eyes,very positive and calm,her sun powers are activated by her ruby head piece.
Winter: Sarcastic and dark around people except for Summer,her twin.While with summer she is smart,confident,and artsy.Light gray hair a little bit below shoulders, silver eyes, ice powers activated by her stone ring.
Luna: Summer and Winter’s mother.Moon night powers activated by her crescent necklace,part of the magic council,calm and loving,but also brave.Dark dark dark brown hair wavy a little below shoulders,hazel eyes,freckles,and a smile.

Xavier: Human,Luna’s husband.Does not have powers but still knows about magics even though he’s not supposed to. Funny and caring.Golden wavy hair,pale skin,and a big grin.[/details]

cash oc


[details=CWAB’s OC]She’s called Felicia. Here’s a drawing of her:

She can fly and is a half-elf xD She’s a bit bossy and gets angry fast, but she’s a very good friend. Likes nature, fruit and the color green. Hates garbage, rude people, cats and money. She’s 15 but really independent and lives alone in a small house near a lake or ocean. When she gets angry, better run. The only things that can calm her down are both swimming and being in the forest.[/details]

Mr.rex's OCs

Plasmo: turquoise magic wolf with the elemental power of electricity. Is sad because his pack disbanded

Aran: an emoticon that lives with Plasmo. Sometimes annoys Plasmo, especially when he invites Lenny over. (LENNY FACE WONT COPY THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE) but he’s always friends with Plasmo. Here’s the emoticon:(AH I CANT GET IT TO COPY ILL PUT IT IN HERE LATER.

CodiLab's OC(s)

Orchid: A 12 year old girl with chestnut hair that has amber tips. She has golden eyes and a white cat ear headband, she also wears a usually white shirt. She has a golden circlet on her right arm. Her powers are that she can turn into different animals. Personality is mostly peaceful and derpy. But she also has a dark side which can be accessed when she turns into something out of hate. If she’s angry, you’ll probably die in 3 seconds. Orchid hates hypocrites, and dead things, but loves good friends and potatoes. She used to be a human, but then she found her magic circlet and… she doesn’t know what she is know. She lives on Earth.


Great idea Starry!

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What do you mean, no one?


Plasmo sat in the den. He is a turquoise, magic wolf with electricity powers. He missed all his friends now that his back had disbanded. But, one that could keep him going alone was the thought "when a disaster happens, he'll be there, whether he's alone or not". He had one friend. A roommate named Aran, a "cute" emoticon. Though Aran often annoyed Plasmo, they were still friends.


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Chapter 1: _________



I love this idea!
I added my OC :3


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I added mine.

Orchid is pretty nice.

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Here's the chapter one draft.

“RAARRR!” a Bengal tiger roared, sending bits of spit at Orchid’s chiseled face.She raised her sword and positioned her feet in a fighting stance. Orchid may have looked okay at the moment, but inside her heart was racing.

Oh my lord, what do I do?

How did he find me?

I need to escape.

One thought formed into an action, Orchid visualizing her potential outcomes. Her golden eyes darted to the springy branch just above them. Orchid jumped up and reached for the tendril of vine hanging from it.

She wasn’t just some st.upid tourist. She was a Changeling. As soon as she snagged the thick vines, she swung her feet back and forth, making momentum to flip over and kick the tiger.

Where was the tiger?!

Nasty tiger breath floated onto the behind of Orchid’s neck. Orchid froze. A giant roar erupted as the Bengal tiger leapt forward with his mouth wide open, preparing for the dea.th bite.

“STOP!” The tiger sighed and morphed back to a spry uncle. “You’ve gone soft, Orchid. You’re gonna have to pass the Tiger Test soon.”

“Well, I’m sorry, uncle, if I don’t want to entrap a poor animal or even kill it.” Orchid snapped back. She rolled her eyes and morphed into a chickadee, flying to the Tree.

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Meanwhile, Cute Jeffie and Julene were doing something a lot less intense than Orchid's Tiger Test. Julene pulled the joystick of the controller out of frustration. She cussed and threw it on the sofa.

"I. Can't. Move. My. Character."

"Calm down, dude! It's just a game." Cute Jeffie squinted at her honey-haired friend who was treating her poor controller like a shaker.

"I can't calm down because of this stupid controller!" whispered Julene, then she suddenly raised her voice "and I'm not a dude, Twin-tails!"

Jeffrie, or Cute Jeffie, earned the nickname "Twin-tails" for her obsession of tying her long black hair in ponytails which looks similar to the ones in anime. Most people address her by her actual name. But Jeffie's closed friends refer her by her well-known nicknames.