Let's write a story! :D



Okay! I've seen these, and wanted to make one!! :DDDDDDDD YAS
You can apply to be a character, writer, or editor. The theme is sort of like most HS stories: being sucked into the forum/HS. This story will jump from perspective to perspective, and from character to character. We'll try writing with Padlet at padlet.com or with the app. Read it at https://padlet.com/lyssa_y/forumstoryyey. Please try not to edit if you're not a writer or editor!
You don't need an account, but one would be great!
Super bad storyline in progress, prone to editing bc it's bad:
All characters are simultaneously on HS at one time. They notice a new project on Featured and decide to try it out. you can guess what happens next: bye bye characters! Then of course, they find each other on a plane because planes are cool. And stuff! Yay! Then they crash-land on a desert island because that's not cliche at all. No they don't lol... they crash-land somewhere. Some disappear, the others learn to use code to survive, and yet others get to "invent" blocks, such as Set Entity! :DD How will dis end??
we have to start writing to see...

Thank god for bluetooth keyboards. (¬‿¬) Please clearly state which part you're applying for!

Character Form

Username on HS:
Favorite animal you'd like to be:

Writer/Editor Form

Username on HS:
Writing accomplishments?
Would you be able to make a Padlet account? One is not needed!

Peeps in storeh

* @PurpleStorybook
* @ChocolateFox

* @idk...

* @PurpleStorybook as the purple book
* @BellaWafflez17 as iWaffle
* @StarryDream as.. the night fox spirit? Idrk
* @WasIdealessHere as de blubird
* @Silverdolphin as silver dolphin (on HS)
* @CatWithABrush as CWAB
* @minioncandy as minioncandy
* @Sensei_Coder as SC
* @PIANOMAN as Pianoman
* @Hoppertoscotch as da panda

Sorry if the tag list doesn't close and open, it usually doesn't for me ;^; maybe it's REGULAR POWERS which I don't have. Yet.

tag list


天上掉下个Lusia (StarryDream Topic II)

Can you tell me the storyline? :D

Then I'll think about entering :D


We can't share any kind of email, sorry :sweat_smile:


Yeah, HS emails and docs aren't allowed anymore. You'd have to write on a forum topic.


Dang. Then we'll write on a forum topic! :smiley:


Wait I can write

Oooooh ok

Can u give the storyline thicks



That's all there is to the form?


You can't share HS emails anymore sorry


The storyline is there @Rainboom
I've edited the forms @BellaWafflez17
And sorry for the confusion @CreativeCoder and @KayKay, we don't need emails or docs no more :smiley:


That's not really enough XD

Can you tell me a little more? Or is that all there is to it?


We'll write as we go, I guess. There's really NO STORY rn, but if you've read nine, ten by nora baskins....


There I added moar sorry (¬‿¬)..


Wow! That sounds cool! :D (storyline)

I need to make a few things clear (sorry):
Will there be anything scary/spooky? I'm guessing not.
Will there be any violence?
Will there be anything that a 5 year old couldn't read? (IDK K)


Username on HS:StarryDream


Nothing scary. Unless the writers make it so. the scariest part is basically people getting sucked into an ipad bc that's not like normal.
No violence. I'm setting that as a guideline now.
Yeah maybe, if a five year old doesn't know the meaning of say... entangled...


I'm super sorry! It should be good now, everyone! Characters just need to tell me the animal they'd like to be if they could be one.


Great! So sorry for all the questions :0

I'll consider being a writer now! :D


Oh god what am I doing so solly frens
@StarryDream and @BellaWafflez17, I just need your appearances!
Sowwy ;^; I've never dun dis b4


Appearance: pure-black waist-length hair, almond-shaped brownish black eyes, pointed chin, rose-red lips.


Username on HS: silver dolphin
Favorite animal you'd like to be: a girl with butterfly wings
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown hair ( middleish to longish ) Blue eyes , tourquiose dress with tourquiose boots !