Lets Talk: Popularity (Part 2 of Lets Talk!)


I'll be apart of any topics related to this

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Ok, popularity is a big problem on hopscotch. BUT we can't all say that we haven't wanted to be popular. Remember that one project you worked hard on like really hard. How many likes did it get? 4? 5? Popularity is important to some people. BUT why would you want to be popular? Your notifications would pile up. People could easily hate on you. You have a bunch of remixes of your projects saying can I use this or you're the best! This could be horrible if you are on multiple times a day.


Meh I don't care much about popularity


Munich notifications pile up. But not the other stuff. So I'm not popular. Yay!

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HS: It can feel like nobody cares or like you or your projects if you're not popular

HSF: It can feel like everyone hates you and you become lonely if you're not popular

Ok I'm obviously guilty but I just want popularity so people will talk to me instead of ignoring me

Being unpopular can be soul crushing


I'm gonna publish a project and hope it gets featured!

gets lost in the abyss of good projects


Oh yes everyone is talking popularity

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Because you know everyone is saying in hs and hsf
Plz like to get likes or plz view my bio or plz spamlike me
Its just for getting nonsense popularity
Which hs is about coding and the forum is about communication and taliking

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