Lets Talk: Popularity (Part 2 of Lets Talk!)



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That was from the first topic..heh


I think that was for the old Let's talk topic.


But then there are also those people that want to be heard so they grab for popularity


heres the link if you wanna read it!
Lets Talk topic #1


Oh ok! I saw the other topic but I didn't read the whole thing. I'll check it out!


agree and agree

There are so many ways that people want to be popular, and sometimes they just wanna give up.

Let's Talk: Leaving (Part 3 of Lets Talk!)

sorry the link was wrong, i fixed it now!


HS is about coding. Not about how many likes you get, how many features, trending, or game creators. Hopscotch is for kids to learn how to code.


Thanks, but I've prayed for months. God's taking his time...


Game creators? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes things take time to work out, just trying to be on the positive side.


Maybe he's helping you right now.....


I hope so. I just want a happy family. That's all I want.


Well, I'm guilty of complaining about popularity, I mean who hasn't? It's just that I spend so much time on drawing and they don't get as many likes as a drawing that is really messy. It's kind of messed up, but I shouldn't be complaining. And also, when I got my first feature, I thought I was gonna be more popular in HS. That did not happen. But I'm ok with it now.


Sometimes people think my mom divorced because she was with another man before my dad.


Well, of COURSE he's helping you right now! If he wasn't then I don't think you'd be alive...
Because of God, you are existing...in STYLE. :joy: @Maltese


I hope you have a happy family soon. Because that is what a kid wants!
Praying for u


I am praying for you right now.


Aw... XD you made me smile with that one X,D


Sometimes god helps people in unexpected ways... :smiley: