Lets Talk: Popularity (Part 2 of Lets Talk!)



This is part 2 of 'Lets Talk'!

Because of the title, this is about popularity. What i mean is on HF and HS. This topic is about popularity and why you shouldn't get all dramatic about it. For example, I almost left because of popularity(dont judge, it was a long time ago.)

For this topic we are going to share things about why we shouldnt worry about popularity, and how to stop it.

Now, lets talk about 'Lets Talk'

We have ranks in Lets Talk, and you can do different things.
Bronze= you can reply to the topic and share things.
Silver = you can help solve if (in this topic) you should worry about popularity, and you can do what bronze does.
Gold = you can do silver and (in this topic) you can see if you should worry about popularity. .
Admin = can do gold and can rank people up

Silver: @Paige1212 @LegendOfFriday @Maltese
Bronze: @lollypopcorn @Ihasfluffycupcakes @shamrockcat @Explorer_ @Simply_Unknown @kenlauescuadro @RubyWolf1
Thanks! -KawaiiRose


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Here is the link for the 1st topic if you want to read it :)
Lets Talk #1


Hopscotch is about coding, not about popularity!!


How to get admin lol I'm interested


i know, but everyone is always raging about not being popular XD


@LegendOfFriday is now silver!


That was my answer lol
We shouldn't rage bout popularity cos hs is about coding and so is the forum


How do I rank up?

Just wondering


the more you talk about the topic :slight_smile:


yay @Maltese saw this!
Im happy!!!


Somebody pinch meh!


i didnt even know @Maltese was in the club lol


I was because we were taking about unfair flags, and... ;-;


That was really unfair ;-;
I get you


oh ok lol well thats KINDA why everyone else joined XD

Just a quick word, how's your family doing? I hope your ok about the incident.



My family's horrible. My mom and dad want to divorce, and they're arguing every day. I just want normal parents...


I want to join! I posted a a few times in the first topic,btw

So yeah. Popularity. Hopscotch is about coding, not popularity like @Refugeecat123 said. Although do have to admit, being popular or just being noticed does make you feel good/happy. For me, I don't really care about being popular, but it's sort of like a cool bonus to coding



My parents r divorced. It isn't that bad. Trust me


What do u mean by this? That if your silver you can see if the flag should have been flagged?..


Well maybe some people are impatient and overreact when they realize that not many people like their posts when they made it a very constructive based response or topic.


i pray for u :pray: