Let's Talk: Leaving (Part 3 of Lets Talk!)



this isn't supposed to come across rude, but can you not tag the omtl in every 'Let's Talk' topic? no offense, you might just want to tag the members and let others come to this topic naturally ;)


you know Fresh is still here.... he's on vacation :D


I know, I meant the first time he said he was going ;D


oh. yeah, that was sad.


Yeah... :0


Ah yes...

To me, talking about leaving is kind of sensitive....

Especially if the person who leaves does not tell the reason why, like MagmaPOP long ago, or just completely doesn't even let everyone know he's leaving...

This might lead to certain people speculating on what happened to him/her...


I want to leave because I don't have time for HS. I have lots of homework this year and if I don't do it, it'll affect whether I go to a good high school or not.


Here's what I think:
Leave. Like seriously. I don't care what the reason is but if you feel like you have to leave then leave. I honestly don't care if ppl are leaving cause of popularity or cause they are too stressed out. But they shouldn't make a topic. Half the time they end up coming back 3 days later so it was useless.my biggest thing is that if ur leaving for whatever reason, don't make a topic. They are extremely annoying

And I agree with what @MiNi said. Please only tag the members


I am thinking about leaving Hopscotch, since I have better platforms to broadcast myself. But for now, I am only inactive. Meaning that I would still go on and like other people's projects and post a project or two when I feel like it.


I left literal ages ago, it's been more than a year now I think.


I don't even have hopscotch