Let's Talk: Leaving (Part 3 of Lets Talk!)



This is part 3 of 'Lets Talk'!

Because of the title, this is about leaving. What i mean is on HF and HS. This topic is about leaving and if your reason for leaving is worth leaving for. For example, I almost left because of popularity and "loneliness" (dont judge, it was a long time ago.)
For this topic we are going to share things about a reason why you almost left or want to leave, and if your reason is good enough for you to leave.

Now, lets talk about 'Lets Talk'

We have ranks in Lets Talk, and you can do different things.
Bronze= you can reply to the topic and share things.
Sliver = you can help solve if (in this topic) your leaving reason is reasonable, and you can do what bronze does.
Gold = you can do silver and (in this topic) you can see if leaving reasons are reasonable.
Admin = can do gold and can rank people up
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Here is the link for the 1st and 2nd topic if you want to read it :slight_smile:
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Leaving has been a big popular topic on the forum lately


Why are you leaving?
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I'm not leaving
Where did I put that?


Oh nevermind I misread. Lel


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Leaving. Well, it depends why. If HS is affecting you in a bad way, or stresses you out, it´s a good decision. But leaving because of your popularity (that you aren´t popular) is not forbidden, but I think that HS/HF is about fun, not about likes and popularity. If you don´t think HS/HF is fun and you want to leave, that´s an okay reason too. But, no matter what, why or when you are leaving, someone gets affected, not only the HS/HF user that left. Users that gets too stressed often comes back though when they don´t have that much exams or have founded a better time to go on HS/HF. I think that taking a break is good if you are out of ideas or are thinking about laving, because you will find out how it is without HS/HF. I love HS/HF so much that I won´t stop using it. I am here every day and I came back from a trip last night. Even if it was super fun and I was on this forum like five minutes, I missed HS and HF so much.


Some people leave because of popularity. What do you guys think about that reason for leaving?

Also being inactive because of real life stuff


I feel like their are also different types of people who react to leaving:

  1. The person who just says "ok" or "meh" and leaves the topic to rot. This often happens with people who are less well-known, sadly.
  2. The person who says "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!". Because there's totally nothing else to say at this point.
  3. The person who types up a long paragraph over it. Ususally only happens if they are friends with the person who's leaving or if it is a famous hopscotcher.
  4. The person who decides that out of all leaving people, the lonely, sad nobody deserves to get their long complaints of how too much people leave.
  5. The good people. Just kidding, the people who try to give their goodbye's to everyone who leaves and still cares, without making long speeches or just saying "Bye".


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Blah leaving is sad


What person are you like in my list? I try my best to act like 5, but back then I was 2. I was sOOOoooooooOOOOooOO different to how I am now.


I think leaving is okay, but not because of popularity. Hopscotch is for learning about coding and having fun and coooodiiiing lol ;D


Most of the time I'm five, but sometimes I'm half two, half five. It depends on the situation.


"Depends on the situation"

so what does the situation have to be for you to act like 2, though?


It mainly depends on the reason they are leaving, a tiiiiiny bit about who is leaving, and just everything.

Like when @FreshGuppy said they were leaving, I didn't think they should go because of their reasons for going.


Leaving in a certain way could make some drama.


People can leave if they want to. It's their decision.

BTW @KawaiiRose be sure to put a blank line before the details folder to fix it.


My personal belief is that people should not have to validate their reasons for leaving. Why should others decide if it was a "good enough" reason? You don't even need a reason. It should never be expected or forced on someone to stay. People can make their decisions.
Please note that I'm not angry, just stating my opinion​:slight_smile:


i'm the one who's leaving, or—not pictured—the one who's arguing very saltily with someone else on that topic over a minor nuisance