Let's Stop This Once And For All


I'm sick of posting tiring metaphors that will prove my point, take this quiz, and stop talking about gender equality unfairness in a biased POV.

Gender surveys/quizzes (For everyone!)

I'm sorry. What do you mean? Do you like how they did this? Did you publish this? First :3


I like it. It proves the point very well!


At first, I felt I was fighting for a cause, now it's just endless bickering about a topic that barely exists anymore, we proved our point. This will probably come up again, but that's for another day


I love your quiz. You really think about others' feelings.


This is wonderful. When I find my iPad, I shall add a drawing about that. I'm sick of it too. Just because I picked a soccer ball over a hair ribbon doesn't mean I'm a boy.


Well, you liked my one?


I'd pick a hair ribbon over a soccer ball any time (no offense though) I just don't like sports.
I hate people stereotyping me.
First, in reading, a boy said girls are weak.
Then, in gym, they put the girls in gymnastics and boys in hockey.
Last year in third grade, people said I couldn't have Takis because they were "too spicy and hot for me" and because I was "too soft for them."


Yes! It was inspired by you actually! I forgot to put it in the project tho D:


The proper word is IGNORANT


Maximum likes achieved 🙁 /-:


The goal is achieved in that quiz (^∇^)



People have to stop treating others like dirt.


Yup that's the truth. Do you think my comment was mean?

Sadly, that's just what happens on social media.


Well, maybe we should stop treating dirt like klunk! Dirt has a life, too! It allows plants to grow, and plants help us breathe! If dirt is treated nicely, then we would be treated 'like dirt' which is technically nicely! So you can tell your bully that!


I just got you nice topic badge :wink:
Your welcome! :wink::wink:


You right.

It funny if you know the joke...


Are you saying that LP is dirt?


What? No!! That's mean!


I know, just wanting to see if that's what @Fifithefunnyflower meant :wink: