Let's stop cyber bullyin.g in hopscotch!


Hay you fellow hopscotchers!
I feel that we should put together a little play in hopscotch so others know how it feels to be bullied. If you do want to do this, it will be published in about 2 months or less. Make your fake name then Reply what you want to be:
- bully-Melody-enchantedanimallover
-bully-Ammirisa- pinkfluffyunicorns
- person getting bullied-Amber-bubbles4ever929
-bystander-Ella- tankcat2016
-teacher-mrs denarski


I shall be! The person getting bullied! Because. Why not


What's your fake name?


Amber because I like that name


U are in
First person... Nooooooo
I just realised I put my name down for bully!


I'm supposed to be friend!


Can I be a main character? My favorite name is Melody, so that would be my fake name!


The last main character is the bullies...


Ok! That would be fine, I guess......


Bully, I am not but please
Name: Piper


Ok..... It really doesn't mean your a real bully.


Can I be one of the main characters, but not a bully?


There's only teacher, mean bystander or kind bystander.....


Can I be a bystander? My fake name would be Katie.


Kind bystander. I'll choose that.
Fake name: Ella


And the nice bystander please, my character will be female.


You're in!!!!!!!


There's 2 kind bystanders!


Okay, I just stood there thinking I should be the teacher instead! But now I get the kind bystander!


You can be the bully who in the end stands up to bull.ing!