Lets stop bullyin.g on hopscotch


How can we stop bullyin.g on hopscotch?


By ignoring them


You can't

Also what he said ^^^


Well, I kinda wanna help the people getting bullied. I dont know abut you but I feel bad.. Sorry... And I dont worry, I ignore people that are mean to ME.. But I wanna help..


Join the hopscotchers against ■■■■■■■■ club and we can talk about it


Why is the word bullyi.ng blocked? It shouldn't be, we should be able to talk about it!

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If you want to stop bully.ing, join Hopscotchers Againts Bully.ing!


Mass report, Key log, pg, phishing.




You make no sense

Oh wait! You probobly already left


@JaggedJeans @Razor

SP posts can be confusing sometimes, anybody's can! But read things over a few times before saying he doesn't make sense. Those were his ideas on how to stop bully.ing.




We should kale a topic about why bully.ing is blocked


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Thanks to everyone who is now my friend on hopscotch and on forum. I would also like to give special thanks to Ella13 and Paige1212 for responding to almost every one of my forum questions. All of you have helped greatly by inviting me to join The Hopscotch against Bully.ing club. I will definetly make sure to join that group whenever I can and aknoledge the people who have responded and helped me move on in the forum. Also, thanks to KVJ who also volunteered to be my friend and now is. Thanks to GoobrGrlRye for inspiring me to become the hopscotch drawer I am today. Thanks to We2fd ( sorry if I spelled it wrong I am really bad at names) for letting me use Blu Pad and letting me be her friend. Thanks to THT for creating this wonderful game. I will now be on forum more often, talking to my newest friends. I will take requests now and will do chat boards. Although likes don't really matter to ME, I will be sure to like more projects. Every hopscotcher has inspired me and I hope we can stop bully.ing on hopscotch. Also, I don't understand why bully.ing is blocked as a word. We should be able to talk about it! I will be sure to be joining art clubs and RPs. Thanks to PSB about being nice and not seeming to get very mad about me using her pad and thinking what I was doing was funny, but turned out to be downright mean.

Thanks for reading,