Let's Stop Animal Cruelty!


So there is something I feel very strongly about: animal abuse. It's a terrible thing and it causes innocent, helpless animals to suffer and/or lose their lives. Another terrible thing is animal testing where an experimental product is tested on an animal. It usually kills the animal or has other horrific effects. Brands like Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and Oxi Clean do this! And many, many, more!
Nothing makes me angrier than animal cruelty. So I'm here today to say, Hopscotch, let's stop it! I'm making an anti animal cruelty website and I need your help, Hopscotch!
If you want to go under the website's section, "Hopscotchers Against Animal Cruelty", this is the topic for that. If you have any questions about it, ask me here. If you'd like to tell me something about it I might not know, this is also the place. And, I'd love to hear your suggestions for the website! You can also share stories, facts, and links to anti animal abuse projects, which I'd be delighted to see more people coding!
Let's come together and stop this horrific cruelty! #WeCanDoIt


First reply ! We should really consider this in mind !


This sounds cool!! Maybe I will try and do it.




Great idea! Animal cruelty needs to stop. I've heard that some makeup companies test their makeup on dogs to make sure it doesn't harm people. ;-;


Oh, Nuh UH! No way now how you makeup companies! STOP IT NOW!



Animal abuse is cruel. Together we can stop it by spreading the word on hopscotch and on the forum!


how does this relate to HS?


(A) I need help with a website I'm coding
(B) I'm encouraging others to make projects about this cause



it was for 2015 so it already ended, but it provides some info


Yes, I read it, thanks for the info. Did the festival get stopped?


Sadly, no.


Oh no....

Just... No. No. No. No.

That reminds me of this article I read about a restaurant. They were passing dog meat off as pork. It was horrible.


I agree. Every living thing shares the world and it shouldn't be taken too far.




D': Why? :disappointed::dog:


This is good, but it's not related to Hopscotch.


Really? This is awful! What happened to them?


Did you even read the topic?


Yes, I read the topic. Did you mean this?