Let's start a business! (Under construction)



Nice project!
I tried to guess but it is so hard

Oh wait I got the code!
Thanks for the shoutout you rock too!


Thanks fren! You too!


Should I publish this?




Anyone on right now?


Hey guys! I created a book, and some of you are in it!


Can we plz get back to working on the game?


We need to work on the maze again. If we finish it, we can have the party!


Sorry fren
I've been SUPERbusy but I'm not gonna drop out don't worry


It's ok. :blush:, but it's just nobody else is working on the game


Hi! Did I just bump this post?


I got a good idea! Remember the quote thing that u were going to code? How about we all help eachother to code that on DD? And we can have a party when we upload it! What do u think? We could always do PacMan first thought. @Explorer_ @StarryDream


Here's the quote:


I tried doing it, but somehow it got deleted


Has anyone got some ideas for the party? I have some.

My ideas:
I'm going to DJ with songs. Here is what we have so far:


Your ideas:


Should i create the topic for the party now so we prepare?

  • Yes
  • No


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200% whaaaa???....


I know it's weird