Let's start a business! (Under construction)



Hi everybody! I was thinking we could start a business. I don’t have a name yet, but I will be happy to take some requests! Here are the positions:
• HSB Finder (I’m allowing 5) @Kitkat26, @Sweetlina, @PerfectPanda24, @StarryDream, @KawaiiRose
• Sound effect creater (1) @Explorer_
• musician (2) @CrystalFlower167, @GamerGirl111
• Beta tester (5) @Sweetlina, @NightcoreStudios, maybe @TheGreenBanana, @PerfectPanda24, @Silverdolphin
• Planner (4) @iMeow, @Explorer_, @FascinatingTreehouse, @Nerd4Ever
• Background maker (2) @KawaiiRose, @DreamerGirl
• Loading screen creater (2) @DiamondHeartedDove, @Nerd4Ever
There will not be a president. I will edit this post on who comes in. You will have to make a short project that I will see if you are good enough.


• Be nice
• Don’t swear or use inappropriate language
• Don’t start flame wars
• Before we start a game plz plz plz tell me.

Continuing a business!

Can I be HSB Finder?


Also, you should get the OMTL to get more people.


Yes! Here is the test:
Find me three HSB colors and tell me what color it is.


I don't know how to do that, sorry.


Here's the OMTL, @Explorer_


tag list



Thanks! But how do you create that list?


@PopTart0219 created a list you can sign you name in, and when people add this to topics, everyone that's on the list will be notified. But the make sure to add the Official mass tag list, not the old mass tag list.



240,100,55 is a dark blue.

328,92,100 is a hot pink.

And 15,48,91 is a dark salmon.


Your in! I'll update the post!


Can anyone think of a name? Or anything to add?


Could I be a background maker or beta tester? When I saw this post I thought (⌒▽⌒)! Such a good idea!


I can think of a name.

How about Little Coders Inc.?


Your choice! Can you make a project that shows the backround?


Oh! Your @SnowLeopard! Thank you for following me! Your amazing! On hopscotch I think you are SnowLeopard Studios. I followed back!


Hai @Explorer_! :3

Thanks for inviting me! c:

I'm extremely busy, though ;-;

Thanks so much! :3


Wow you replied quick! And it's ok


Thanks for the invite!

Maybe I'll join…dunno as what :sweat_smile:


I've already seen this topic, there's no need to invite me... Thanks anyway! :D

Anyway, I'm a bit busy at the moment, sorry. I'm working on a couple of biggish projects right now.


Can i be a planner? I dont know what it does though. BTW thanks for inviting me!