Let's Play Some Roblox (Project)


This is a topic where you can ask a hopscotcher if they want to play with you on a game on roblox! Hold your flags bc this is hopscotch related, I'm making a roblox project in hopscotch and I want to know what some of you guys favorite games are, ;D

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I sound like a total noob...WHATS A ROBLOX?!

Me and technology these days, I only keep up with Apple XD


It's an app where you can play games ;D @PandaBlossom


The ROBLOX plague is one of my favorites.
Also The Plaza, and Pokemon Brick Bronze.

Also Escape Oprah's Toenail for Free VIP. What a memorable game.


What kind of games???


Like all different kinds of games it's fun ;D




This will give you an idea.


Oh i am hugabear33! Please friend me and does anyone who wants to want to meet at my house on roblox at 9.00 p.m eastern?


In case you are wondering...

Roblox is a game online game with no admins so chat is bad and people are meen and you can make games with blocks on the computer and play them!


What is Roblox? Never heard of it, may only be in certain countries.


download it! It's a building game kinda!


If "chat is bad and people are meen", sorry, I'm not getting it, but anyway, Hopscotch is better in my opinion! Plus, we have to ask our mom before downloading apps. Tried something called "CodeCombat", which is like real programming—they don't tell you how it works. Only made it to the 2nd level. Then I stopped.


Roblox OMG!i play this game all the time!fav game:vampire hunters 2


@tankt2016 the chat is not bad and it blocks out all bad words ;D


Huggingfluffybear said it, look above.


Yeah personally I don't think it's bad but I mean it's your decision in not forcing you to get it :blush:



Oh and my name is:awessomegirl


Yeah, probably not going to get it anyway, addicted to Hopscotch.


IDK.... I have a lot. (Yeah that's right I play Roblox XD)