Lets make some ART


I know that
****YOU know that****

It's your art HERE!Lets see how you draw and then try it on Hopscotch if you like!



But to not crowd the forum try to keep all drawing related posts in this topic:



I don't really understand?Can you explain it to me?:slight_smile:



So, basically that topic is a topic where people post their art work on hopscotch, other drawing apps, and on paper! You can ask for tips, advice, and constructive critisism on your art there too! It's a really useful topic! :D

So art posts are usually supposed to go in that topic :D


She means that you should probably post art-related things in the drawing topic, instead of creating a new topic! :D


I was looking for something like that!Sorry!I tried to find something but it came out wrong!So I created this!Hopefully I'm not the one that fills up the forum(I JOKING!!!lol!)Also.I know this is kinda off the topic(but lets come back to the real topic after)How do you make quizzes?I used to use the forum a lot and I learned but I kinda forgot...


By quizzes, what do you mean? Do you mean

  • Polls
  • Like
  • This?


Votes are public.

Or surveys on hopscotch? :0


So we can post our art here??


Hi! I'm new to the forum and I'd like to post a drawing I did on an art topic- can someone plz tell me how? Thanks!!


Many people have made art topics by mistake so no


But... I know how to make a topic and I won't- plz?????

  1. Press this thingy

  2. Press chose files then go to photo library

  3. Select your drawing

  4. Press upload and resize if you need to

  5. Done :0


U can post in the drawing topic