Let's make a book


Hi guys! I have thought, LETS MAKE A BOOK ABOUT HOPSCOTCH! It is by every hopscotcher and the team! Reply soon of what u think!


Creative coder already created one...




The book of hopscotchers look it up...


It's still a good idea! :wink:


A real book to publish


What would it be about? Like, would it be Hopscotches History, all about the different hopscotchers, a tutorial, or something else?


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Well, for that, you'll have to find a publisher, printer, editor, and producer. So at this age, it's basically impossible.


Sounds time consuming
And impossible


not IMPOSSIBLE! make a E-book! and then give it for free! On a website or something


Great idea @crazygoat! We should do that


Sure im new but ill be down 4 it


LOL I didn't see the date on this post so oops accidents my apology