Let's just drop it k children


Let's make this short and quick

I was suspended, now I'm back
And I make a topic, and everyone fights about wether it was needed or not.
I don't think it was but some people did and I don't want to make a big fight. We all have our own opinions k

So let's all calm down and drop it
Drop it


YOurw just going to create more drama if you make a topic....


Look kid I'm too tired to fight about this
I'm telling people to stop, and I said that everyone has their own opinions k
Just respect that and move on children


Please don't call me a kid...


Cash might get offended by a kid calling her kid... might want to edit


I made a topic saying that I wanted to be respected and that the matter should drop. I did not make a topic saying that everyone was sooo mean, did it? No.


But you are aren't you?
I mean that's just how I speak. Can't really do much about it
But if you insist...


Maybe not


Same i call ppl nicknames all the time


I do not prefer being called a kid.


Just please everyone end this
You know what fine I'll say it just calm down

I'm sorry k. I really didn't mean to seem like a stalker or anything, and I'm sorry if I seemed creepy. People took me the wrong way, and I can see why. I mean in any normal conversation, it would make sense, but typing isn't the same as talking face to face, so I guess I can't exactly complain.
At least I learned not to do this again eh? Growth mindset kids! ugh teachers stop teaching us about growth mindset it really doesn't work
There was no reason to fight.


To be honest, I talk like that too, in real life. I would refrain from it on the forum, in case it offends someone, but that's just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It just doesn't make sense to me how ppl are more mad about than I am and I was actually involved


when there're actually people who can call most of "y'all" "kids"...


why were you suspended
if its ok for me to ask


@ConnellCoder For asking for my "personal info" by accident

Someone reported it even though it shouldn't have been reported




You shouldn't call her a kid because it's a clear she doesn't like that.:confused:



everyone is triggered


I think everything is back to normal. at least, I hope