Let's Just Be Creative


Hallo. So basically I've seen people just hating bugs and trying their hardest to fix it. They ask the forum, and when they fix it, another's bug happens. And so on. I've thought of a way that's easier to fix bugs, and it may not be the best idea, but whatever.

Me: So let's just be creative here.
SmartBobCarrotPotatoeGaryUser7: Aren't we all already creative here? :DD
Me: Yes, but—
MeanDannyPotatoeSmolUser9: no none of is creative here except me lolololl haha
FlameWarFixerFelixUser2: @MeanDannyPotatoeSmolUser9, please be nice here. Please don't start a flame war, ok? c:
Me: So... my idea is that turning bugs into part of the game. In the how to section of a game—
MeanDannyPotatoeSmolUser9: lololol that is already a horrible idea
*FlameWarFixerFelixUser2 flags
*system gets a notification that someone flagged a topic
*notices hat if there are 2 more flags she gotta close
Me: Let's start over. I was thinking that we could turn our bugs into part of the game! For example, my game I'm working on has a bug I don't know how to fix. The score won't go on. So, in the how to section, I just said that it was part of the game. I know this makes me seem lazy, but it works, and it makes my game more challenging. :DD What do you think?


That sounds really cool! Great problem solving skills there. I can't wait to see your game. :smiley:


Thanks! I'm very bad at game making so yeah XD
It's not going to be good lol


I agree with meandannypotatosmoluser9


Uh okay then
That's fine I guess


Your avatar is cool boi


Thanks. I Kadence it on hopscotch.
If you wanna chat, why not do I it on mai general topic?


Great Topik!

Like @Stradyvarious' recent challenge, I think


MeanDannyPotatoeSmolUser9: lolol u su.ck
FlameWarFixerFelix flags
MeanDannyPotatoeSmolUser9: haha u dum-dum not like im gonna stop hating
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system closed topic



Ok but seriously yeah I agree


MeanDannyPotatoeSmolUser9: creates new topic lol @You I just closed ur topic let me do it again to ur general topic hahahahah

Me: nuuuu


hey wait what i never said that
and u spelled my name wrong