Let's do something to thank Hopscotch and The Forum



Well, we need to thank the people who made hopscotch for doing to this for us. So, I'm going to make a project and give credit to everyone to thanks them. Anyone have ideas!


Anyone want to give ideas


I don't have any ideas. If I do, I will reply.


Thanks for trying anyway @Kitkat26


I've got an idea. How about some popcorn and a tag that says, Just wanted to pop by to say thank you for all you do? I know it's cheesy, but it's better than nothing!:smiley:


Thank you so much! Yea


Wait a second. Got something you could recreate. You could make it similar.


Okay. Search "To the hopscotch team" and it should be on like the second row of projects, and it's made by TheWeirdFreewPop​:rocket:. Hey, this used to be our user card background! And we lost it, and now it's back! But we edited it and added all the characters…


Yeah, actually I like @tankt2016 better. We should do that.


That's just going to be a picture we can base the project off of.
Or it could be. But we should speed up the process; the S takes a long time. But let's not fully copy it.
Or you'd be known as a "CopyKat"! Just a joke.


Yeah, don't want that to be my name!!:joy:


This is brilliant! Do you mean like on holidays when everyone posts stuff about the holiday? Like on one day everyone would just post a bunch of "Thank you Hopsotch" projects?


I don't know you would have to ask @Silver_girl. She is the one running this show.


Sur Wor we can even do it randomly!


Hey. I just saw a topic that said Hopscotch's birthday is April 16. We should post the card then!


Smart thinking so let's start planning


Let's start planning the three of us could make it and if anyone else wants to join go ahead just tell me.


Wait a second, the boy made an amazing smooth background and I made a rainbow background we could add…
Getting the links, don't mind the text…
The first background is the Hopscotch colors…

Okay, Hopscotch Colors Background.

Rainbow Background.
I wonder why there's only 1 like and 8 plays…. That rainbow is colorful and I wolfed worked (silly auto-correct!) hard on it.


I think the fist one is good @tankt2016
I write what going to bec
On it!