Lets do a thanksgiving challenge!



Hey hopscotchers, and a Happy thanksgiving to all! I have an idea that all of us could do independently. We can all do a thanksgiving project, each one of us. Its where we make a postcard, and whoever has the best postcard will be anounced on Monday. Here are the rules if you want to participate:
•Must have heading “Happy Thanksgiving!”
•Must have at least one dish you are having for thanksgiving on a plate. (You can use emoji for turkey, but at least one other dish with creativity.)
•Write “I am thankful for…” and write (in text) the things you are thankful for.

To enter this competition, all you have to do is reply to this thread saying “Im in.” And tag me. Once you have done reading this and are going to do this challenge, do not look at other peoples work until Monday. When you are finished with your work, reply the link to it in this thread, and once again tag me. All projects are due on Sunday, or they will not count.


Rip, don’t have HS
This sounds interesting though!


I thought everyone on here had HS. Welp haha, happy Thanksgiving.


what is thanksgiving?


Are there prizes?I can spam like 1st Place if you want.


Some people used to have HS some people just joined the forum because it is just a general place to talk about coding.


Well, in America it is basically a day when you get to cook a lot of food and eat a lot of food. It started when Pilgrims came to the US and had this big feast together.