Lets change our profile pictures red!



I put a red filter on my profile pic, that's all. Anyone else want red filters on their profile pics, just send me ur pic and I can do it for you!


I wanna see what my GIF would look like
Could you please?




How's that? I can reduce the filter if it is too red :slight_smile:


That's awesome! Thanks!


Nice topic! :D
anyone want me to edit their profile pics to be red?


Awesome! My profile picture is already red, so yay!


I'm doing this!


Mine is umm...red?

You figured it out idk


Can you filter mine too?


Who chained in my topic :joy:?


Im a hotdog, which is half red! Does that count?


What topic?


My Q&A one, it's chained in above


Sure could you post your picture here plz?


Ok one second I'm on my grandma's phone ;-;


Thats awesome you are honoring them!
I already have red stripes, so for me, nothing needs to be changed.
But still, great idea!


Liza already said she supported this kind of stuff, so we're good. :smile: