Lets change our profile pictures red!



Hi guys! I was just thinking. There has been a lot of shootings lately. How abou we change our profile pictures red to honor those who died in the shootings and all the soldiers that are fighting now and have fought in world wars and stuff. Let's keep them red until September 11 2016.


Okay <3
But September is too long for me ;-;
I'll just change it back after a week or something.




Thanks for inviting me @JaggedJeans :DD

My profile picture is already kind of red XD

This is a great way to show awareness! :3

Although people might not want to keep their profile pictures red until September :00

It might seem like a long time. c:


How about until V.E. Day?


Yeah but I dont think you have to keep it that long


Wut does ve stand for :0000


Cool! I'll do this!

Until September is a long time, maybe designate a special week or day? :smile:


Maybe for a week or two? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I agree :3


That is fine.


Done :333333


Victorious Europe I believe


omg it's so red
it's so anime
it's so beautiful


When is that


I am going to have to look at my history book. it says in there.


Okay :p
Wait I can just google it :pppp


Doesn't show up :p
Just says "Victorious cast in Europe" XD


Nice idea. I don't know how long I'll do this for!


I don't know if I will. Maybe for a day or two.

because I like there kofuku pics goin on