Let's bring back How-To's!


Hello, Hopscotchers! Who would like to create a petition to bring back the How-To's section in Hopscotch!

Who wants to bring it back!?

  • Yes! Let's bring it back!
  • No. We're past that


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Who remembers the How-To's section?

  • I do! I've been on here for years!
  • I have no idea what you're talking about..


Wow! This feels like such a long time ago:


You mean How-To's on Hopscotch? Honestly, I don't remember xP


I don't remember that but it sounds like a good idea!


I voted on accident. When was it in?


You probably don't remember the How-To's if you don't remember coding being like this:

@CatWithABrush @Mr.rex


Whoa that's old....
I mean older than my HS account old....
And my HS account is pretty old....
Anyone remember the "breakdance" block?


That felt like a reeeealy long time ago


My favorite version was the one after that, the one that came before iPhone... OH DARN IT I MISS THAT VERSION SOO MUCH @RODRIGO THE NEXT VERSION NEEDS TO RECREATE THAT VERSION!!!!!


No offense but that version looks weird in my opinion... I'd rather stick with the one we have. (Again no offense)


Meh it's your opinion. Probably 80% of my classics where made in that version, so I've sorta grown attached.


I understand that :)



Hopsotch is different from its old days


Idk what the How-to section is exactly, but we have video tutorials now, so I am not sure how necessary it is.


I remember the old days


I remember that! :D


I… I think I kinda remember this… in which year was this?


yes, yes, and yes

old hopscotch was awesome and I liked the old platform and I liked the how-to section


i don't remember that coding thing since that was probably in the beta-ish stages

but i've been on since 2014 and how-tos were just :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: