Let's Add More Characters!



Hi Guys! Think We Should Add Some More Characters Like The Characters Below? Like This Reply And Reply Back If We Should!


Please search before you post! This post has already been made


Actually some of these characters are Halloween characters or have not made it to the final draft of hopscotch from what I've heard


I agree. You can find way too many topics about this if you just search "new characters".


There are many topics on new characters so search before you post like @AHappyCoder and @DragonLover975 said. Some topics like this, this and this

But, I still want new characters because they can be really helpful when we're doing movies and games. I'd like animals such as a dog and cat, food such as a hot dog or pizza, and more human-like characters such as an astronaut and artist. We could also have "remixes" of other characters such as Bear as an artist and Octo as a chef.


Mebbie you meant me? @AHappyCoder


Oops, yes, sorry, my bad! I just get confused with you and @CreativeCoder :grin:


Hehe! it's fine! @Berrymelon


I think these characters would be awesome!!!! Let's get them on there!!! @Berrymelon!!!!!