Let's a go! Mario Testing!


My new Mario game came out and I want you to test it. More features will come out like longer music and more enimies and stuff like that!

Please tell me


When jumping from the pipe, Mario doesn’t fall to the ground, but stops at the pipes height and moves left/right in the air


What you’ve got to do is go a little forward in the air without jumping and I think it should work!:wink:


Would you mind giving credit to MagmaPOP, since you used his emoji pixel arts?


This project looks really cool so far! Great job!


Nice job with the music! This game is very good so far but might need a little work.


Not at all! I’ll add it in the next update. PS: I made the Goomba on my own!



New Cave Level in Super Mario Bros.


Can I nominate this? :smiley:


Thanks So Much!


This project is really cool! Awesome job!


Last Level Of Mario!
Sky High Level!

New Music As Well!


Another amazing level of your Super Mario Game! Great job!


Thanks So Much!
YOᑌ ᗰᗩᗪE ᗰY ᗪᗩY!


Cool, and that game in amazing!