We accept EVERYBODY on this forum for who they are! We do NOT judge people based on their religion, skin color, or ethnicities.
We do NOT say the n word and we do NOT say racist expressions!!
DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! Even if it's a joke we do NOT say that stuff here around little kids!!


Do you have any pictures and if so can I use them for my magazine
I'll blur the cuss words


It's a closed topic.


Don't make it a bigger deal


Discrimination against race, Gender, and religion is not ok! This is not acceptable on the forums or anywhere else!


Thanks! They have cuss words so you can delete them now.
Saved them


Get rid of name and topic name too


Glad I could help.
I'm not glad about racism though....


Also please delete the photos in your post or blur the images as it should not be shown here.


Why are you so angry? I'm tired of all this racism in the world and it's been brought to the forum! Was that you?!


No and I'm not angry


Also, read the community guidelines. It says something about not bringing to much attention to things like this.


Dude you're really hurting my feelings now so please leave me alone before I start getting mean


I was so shocked when I saw it on HF


Guys, this isn't the KKK, you can't say those words.
I need to calm down and watch Leafy.


Me too. I reported as soon as I saw it. I can understand why @WitnessTheLitness is so mad.


I agree 100%!!! I saw that topic...why would someone say that??? the HSF accepts everyone!


Yeah, I had to report it as soon as I saw it and angrily made a reply
My brother didn't know what the word meant so he said it once and my mom yelled at I'm and gave everyone mean looks and a pep talk about that word.


That n word is so bad! It's blocked right?


They got around it D: