Less lag music tutorial

No, and that’s because it doesn’t interact with any other objects.

You can just make the rule inside custom rule “one note” an “and” statement and use a variable to control playback


Great, thanks. So there’s currently no external tooling for this right now, right? Nobody said you were working on something for it but I might make a little Python script for personal use in the meantime. I don’t want to deal with figuring out how to implement direct MIDI conversion right now haha, unless it’s low-hanging fruit.

Also, it does support advanced mode instruments, right?


Might be an obvious answer, but I would like to use more than one instrument at once if that’s possible. There’s more dynamic and melodic capabilities.

I’d assume it’ll work with different syntax for instruments as well as percussive elements.


I have one in the works. Totally incomplete but I might put it up anyways just because.

Not my published one but I have one that does. The WIP program will as well.


I bet you’re probably pretty busy with other projects. Would it be ok if I studied the core principles of your code and extended upon it? Something like this would be really nice to have, and might be pretty revolutionary.