Less active <stringcheeeeeese>



Some things came up (nothing bad, actually some good stuff) that will make me less active!

Football and lacrosse will make me less active for certain reasons.

So yah, I've been liking posts but not replying and there will be less projects from me.

K bye


Why aren't you following me anymore on musical.ly


I thought I was! What's your acc name again? I'm pretty sure I am but idk


We can't share social medias but you unfollowed me on musical.ly can you tell me why because I am sad


Oh on musicly! I didn't want to get in trouble for communication outside the forum and now I can't find your acc


Oh I left the BFF comment this on there with the recent emojis


Heya @Cash
Hope you forgive me!
I have musical.ly


Oh uh hello


Ok, thanks for letting us know. Cya