Leprechaun Shape Art? Can Some People Assist Me?



I need some help on my leprechaun shape art, can anybody help me?
People who are good at this stuff:

Who's got a St. Patrick's Day Project?!

I could try to help if I can use it too... I'll give credit to you and any others who help!


Okay. What's your Hopscotch username? @EggsonSaturn1


EggsOnSaturn! Yay I'm helping with something!


I can make the hat wif lines and shapes


I'm not an expert w/ shapes, since I've just begun settling in with the new update. I'm more experienced using trails... I'm afraid I can't be much of a big help. If you'd like to use only shape art, then I suggest you to experiment trial and error.

Personally, I think using trail art is the best way to create a leprechaun model. However, if you are making a game, which includes controls, I personally think @hansonnoah would be an expert!



@Kayro do you know of any way to make a buckle for his hat? If you do, when you make the hat, include the buckle.


Woah! Was that on purpose?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: