Length Help and Advice


I need someone to tell me how to set the length of something. Anyone help? Please?


Can you say what the something is? Or to what class of things it belongs? Is it a drawn line? Is it a character? Is it a duration in time? I would be happy to help, if I undertood better what is being asked.


It is this: ━━ And by the way it's a wire and its part of the Unicode keyboard. It's not a drawn line.


Do you want the line to become bigger/smaller?
Why do you want to use "Length"?


So, I understand that the figure of interest is a Unicode character.

OK, then I can say that, in the absence of independent scaling of characters along any two axes in Hopscotch, there won't be a way to simply modify the character's "length", whichever direction that happens to be (e.g. horizontal, vertical).

You may be constrained, then, to use a variable number of the same character to achieve a line of variable length. It's a pain, but it can be made to work. In other words _ or __ or ___ or ____. You get the picture.

If you were just to resize the character (your "wire") the result could be made longer or shorter, but it would also get fatter or skinnier at the same time. That's probably not what you want.

Hopefully, that makes some sense. Bottom line, I think there is, as yet, no way to change a Unicode character's size in only one direction.


Start off with two values, call them "lineX" and "lineY". When the play button is tapped, set X to be the x position of the object your trying to make longer, and Y to the y position of the object you want to make longer.

Whenever you want to make it longer, you create a clone of the "---" text, and then in your "when a clone is created" make it
Increase value lineX by 30 (Change this number to make it look like it is a long wire and not a bunch of sections)
set x position to lineX
set y position to lineY

This isn't actually making it longer, it's just laying down clones one after the other, but I believe it would work.